Bill Mayer


Bill Mayer is one of Ann Arbor’s leaders in entrepreneurial community building on the show today. He is the Vice President of Entrepreneurial Services at Ann Arbor SPARK, which is the engine for Ann Arbor’s economic development and growth. A serial entrepreneur, Bill is dedicating his time, expertise, and connections to support Michigan entrepreneurship, specializing in Ann Arbor.

Once quoted to say, “Ignorance and blind optimism are an entrepreneur's best friends,” you can tell that this man has had his fair share of startup pains. But none of those pains held him back, as his career is inundated with wins. He’s founded and exited multiple startups in technology and finance, taking several companies to IPO.

He’s worked with Fortune 500 companies, managed over $125M in client assets, and has held multiple securities broker licenses for over 10 years. His superpower is taking a startup, analyzing it, and positioning it to maximize its ability to receive funding.

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