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Venture School's mission is to empower students to become capable, curious, and courageous leaders, innovators, and agents of change in their community through groundbreaking educational opportunities. Equipped with an entrepreneurial mindset, their students will be prepared to develop solutions to the complex challenges that affect their lives today and the world tomorrow.

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Marvin English is the Founding Head of School at VentureSchool Detroit. Prior to his role at VentureSchool, Marvin was the Founding School Principal at EAGLE College Prep Fox Park Charter School in St. Louis, Missouri and a founding leader of Brilla College Prep Charter School in the South Bronx of New York City. Marvin also served as the Founding Director of Curriculum and Instruction for a nonprofit organization that worked in conjunction with Detroit Public Schools.

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Drew Schantz is Founder and Executive Director of VentureSchool, and a firm believer in the power of crazy ideas. He is passionate about giving young people the opportunity to develop their passions and unleash their full potential through entrepreneurship. Drew has extensive expertise in public relations and digital communications, community engagement, coalition-building, and youth development through work with several nonprofit organizations in the Washington, D.C. area, including Family, Career and Community Leaders of America, the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, and DC Public Schools.

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