Doron York

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An Israeli Navy Seal, Doron spent the first part of his life in his native homeland of Haifa, Israel. After finishing his duty, he moved to the United States and settled down in Southeast Michigan. Actually, settled down is definitely NOT the right term, as he immersed himself into the startup scene here right away and has been here for just about 30 years. As the founder of multiple successful startups, some of which he’s taken to acquisition, he’s taken his skills and learnings to run an executive coaching firm, a private equity group, and a venture studio all focused on helping the comeback of Michigan’s economy happen.

This episode is part of Capital Appreciation Month. We’re interviewing Michigan’s venture capitalists and angel investors in an effort to highlight those who made the early investment (quite literally) in our community. Capital Appreciation Month is sponsored by the Michigan Venture Capital Association. The MVCA exists to increase the amount of capital and talent available to investors so they can fund Michigan’s most innovative entrepreneurs and ideas.


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