Season 2


Leann here. We have some HUGE announcements and updates for y'all.

1. Michigan Makers -> Impact Michigan

So... We're rebranding. What was once Michigan Makers and M2, is now Impact Michigan and IM. The reason for this is because I wanted a more accurate signal as to what this podcast was about, and I feel that Impact is the underlying theme of this show. I'm still going to interview the same types of people, but going forward, the name has a better map into what the show is actually about.

Podcast link:

2. Twice a Week Format

With the new season, we're going to be moving to a twice a week (twicely?) format, so episodes are going to be releasing every Tuesday and Thursday.

3. New Podcast: Generation [I]

You read that right. I'm launching a BRAND NEW podcast called Generation [I], September 19th. The focus is on Impact, Influence, and Innovation - the new generation's priorities.

Tune in as I chat with young entrepreneurs, digital media enthusiasts, and philanthropists about what they're creating for the world :)

Podcast Link:

4. Audience Support :D

So as you probably know, being a creator is hard. Not only is it a huge commitment to create weekly content, especially two talk show/podcasts, it's hard to justify the amount of work for no money.

That's why I started a Patreon account, which you can check out here:

If you like the content I put out, please support so I can keep it going :)

That's all for now, but stay tuned for launch day!

- LA

Leann Abad