Doug Neal

With 25+ years in the tech industry, it’s pretty safe to say Doug is a technology veteran. A graduate of Central Michigan University, he started his career at Hewlett-Packard as a Software Engineer and left after 4 years to become a Director at Symantec (Semantic). It was shortly after that when he started Mobile Automation, developing enterprise system management solutions for tech companies and service providers. After selling Mobile Automation to iPass for $20M in 2004, he wouldn’t get back to life as an entrepreneur until 2007 with Boomdash. Fast forward to 2012, he started eLab ventures in Ann Arbor and at the same time served as Executive Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Michigan. Currently, he serves full-time as Co-Founder and Managing Director at eLab and as a board member for several tech startups in the area.

This episode is part of Capital Appreciation Month. We’re interviewing Michigan’s venture capitalists and angel investors in an effort to highlight those who made the early investment (quite literally) in our community. Capital Appreciation Month is sponsored by the Michigan Venture Capital Association. The MVCA exists to increase the amount of capital and talent available to investors so they can fund Michigan’s most innovative entrepreneurs and ideas.

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