Josh Luber

Josh Luber, CEO StockX

Dubbed the "Stock Market of Things," StockX is one of, if not the fastest growing startup in Detroit, and CEO Josh Luber is at the forefront of all that growth.

Beginning as a passion project outside his time at IBM, Luber started StockX (then known as Campless) off of his passion for sneakers. As a dedicated sneakerhead, he often found himself buying and reselling sneakers, and he found there was no price guidebook to reference. Think Kelley Blue Book for comparing car prices.

That's when he got started with Campless, and although they're relatively a huge company now, they grew slowly.

It wasn't until Luber was approached by billionaire Dan Gilbert (Chairman, Quicken Loans; Owner, Cleveland Cavs) to buy out Campless and pursue a joint venture that growth started to kick in.

Now, StockX is processing over $2M in sales...


We had the chance to interview Josh and chat about the growth of StockX and how it's creating Impact for Detroit, and more broadly, Michigan.



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