Justin Mast

Justin Mast, CEO Bloomscape

Being both a creative and an entrepreneur can seem contradictory in some ways, but Justin Mast seems to have found the perfect way to combine the two.

Taking over his family business over in 2006, he began to learn the operational expertise needed by an entrepreneur and founder. Now, in his role as Founder and CEO of Bloomscape, he combines the creative design skills he learned at the Taubman College of Architecture + Urban Planning with the firsthand entrepreneurial experience he's gained over the years as a serial founder and entrepreneur.

Fittingly, he comes from over 5 generations of Dutch greenhouse growers and floral industry experts, so you could say he has Founder - Market - Fit.

Tune in as we chat about the business of design, the learning curve of a creative entrepreneur, and how Bloomscape is using the growth of their plants to help grow Detroit and Michigan's entrepreneurial ecosystem.


Website: www.bloomscape.com

Impact Michigan Podcast: www.anchor.fm/impact-michigan

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