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When I started ASHE Media, I knew this was a long-term commitment. The resurgence of an entire state’s economy doesn’t happen overnight. It takes decades of entrepreneurs trying, failing, and iterating for an effective ecosystem to develop. And it takes an entire community of support to assist these entrepreneurs with whatever challenges they inevitably face.

It’s a long journey that’s kind of like solving a living puzzle. Fortunately, we’re not starting from zero.

We have cities like Ann Arbor, Detroit, and Grand Rapids leading the way for entrepreneurship in the state of Michigan. We have top-tier universities lauded for their efforts in research and innovation. We have unicorn startups like Duo Security, big corporations like Quicken Loans, and supportive government programs like the MEDC.

We're in a good place, but we can't pat ourselves on the back just yet. There's still work to be done. We have to find ways to collaborate with one another, across all the ecosystems around the state.

That’s why we exist. Our mission is to help facilitate the comeback of Michigan’s economy, and we think accelerating the build-out of our entrepreneurial community is the key.

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  Leann Abad    Founder of ASHE Media

Leann Abad

Founder of ASHE Media